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In view of the increasing requirements for product quality and production optimization, grinding and mixing play a central role in the meat processing industry. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a cross-section of technical solutions.

When something needs to be ground, grinders are an almost universal tool in the food industry and specifically established in the meat processing industry. But the requirements for these machines have become much more diverse in recent years. Today, a grinder must do more than grind in the traditional sense: It must be able to cope with ever lower temperatures while handling the product as gently as possible and maintaining the structure of the raw material. High performance must be provided fast and all current safety requirements and hygiene standards simultaneously guaranteed – and under the aspect of lower operational and maintenance costs.

When investing in new systems for grinding, crushing and mixing, a clear cross-section with high cutting performance and short processing times are crucial for butchers. Worker-friendly ergonomics, ease of use and ease of cleaning are other important criteria for a decision. In addition to their technical performance, many machines also convince with their flexibility. Universal grinders can easily handle fresh as well as frozen meat. In addition, combi-machines unite grinders and mixers and thus shorten the work process. There are also machines in which the grinding and separating processes are directly integrated into the filling and portioning processes.  Die Fleischerei presents a sampling of grinding and mixing machines made by various manufacturers as well as information on their features.

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