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High-performance automated belt machine

Supervac (Vienna, Austria) primarily manufactures vacuum belt machines, shrink tanks, shrink tunnels, cooling tanks as well as dryers. The sealing quality is the company’s primary focus in regard to its vacuum machines. It is generated by dual-biactive sealing. The company uses two parallel sealing wires on the upper and lower side of the sealing bars. Empirical studies have shown that this drastically reduces the opening rate of welded bags – despite wrinkles, humidity or fat in the sealing area.

According to the manufacturer, the Supervac vacuum machines accomplish very high packaging numbers, so that depending on the requirements and machine size, optimal utilization can be guaranteed.

The company aims at ensuring the reliability and economical use of the machine. Options such as complete cuts of bag residue in the chamber, extraction of the bag remnants in an integrated emptying container directly into the machine as well intuitive operation of the touchscreen are especially helpful. Many models are offered with timed belts for one-person operation.

For packages with different heights, adjustable sealing bars are recommended. These can be set on the touchscreen in millimeter-steps. Several automation solutions are offered for industrial applications, including automatic distribution systems. A cool-water tank downstream from the vacuum machine or shrink tank is recommended because rapid cooling extends the shelf life of vacuum-packed products.

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