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Helped by time and smoke

Traditional smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving meat products. But time does not stand still. The industrial ripening of raw products is now complemented by technologies that – in addition to drying – also enable reddening, scalding, cooking, baking or boiling in the same appliance.

What would wiener sausages, salami or raw ham be without their fine smoky flavor? What would Polish or landjäger sausages be without their crisp bite? Traditional smoking plants, operated with beech wood or sawdust, paved the way in this specialty market.

Whether it’s cold, warm or hot smoking – the color, aroma, smell and taste of raw sausage, hams and similar wares must be optimal and always be able to be reproduced. As customer demands on a company’s product range are constantly increasing, universal machines today combine many finishing methods – from cooking to ripening to ensuring more efficient work and product variety. Meat, sausage, fish and even cheese can be gently refined and matured.

Combi chambers and air conditioning units electronically control temperature, humidity or air circulation and allow day and night operation, which reduces the need for personnel. And although the functional diversity of these technical all-rounders has continued to grow, their space requirements have only evolved as required: smaller for small businesses and larger for industrial ones.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents a selection of equipment from different suppliers for smoking and climatic maturing. These can support more efficient work processes and provide meat processing companies with new product ideas.

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