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Handling many products and sizes

Supervac (Vienna, Austria) primarily manufactures vacuum belt machines, shrink tanks, shrink tunnels and dryers. Conveyor belt machines are used in industrial environments, especially for safely vacuum packaging products of different sizes and shapes. The use of laminated or shrink bags is particularly suitable. A belt machine allows different products to be packaged without conversions.

Supervac vacuum packagers focus on sealing quality with extremely low opening rates plus short cycle times for high packaging volumes.

In addition, the company pays attention to safe and economical application. Options such as complete cutoff of bag remnants in the chamber, suction of bag remnants into an integrated emptying container directly in the machine and intuitive operation via touch screens are helpful. Many models offer timing belts that allow one-person operation. If different product heights must be packed, height-adjustable sealing bars are recommended. These can be adjusted via touch screen in increments of one millimeter.

A cool-water tank can be used to optimize the product life. It is positioned immediately after the shrink tank and can be integrated into any modern vacuum packaging line. It allows products to be recooled immediately after shrinkage in hot water. This unit also has the smallest possible footprint, which prevents possible color changes and improves product life. According to Supervac, these results were confirmed in a university study.

The company also offers several automation solutions for industrial applications. In a fully automatic vacuum packaging line, raw products are measured at the beginning of the line and then packed with the appropriate shrink bag. Finally, the bags are automatically loaded onto a vacuum packager.

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