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Hand hygiene for all

High hygiene requirements pose new challenges for butcher shops, but they are one of the most important measures of all.

With its ITEC brand, Frontmatec (Beckum, Germany) offers an extensive range of professional hand cleaning systems and individual solutions that fit all company sizes and numbers of users. The company’s product range extends from manual disinfectant dispensers to hand cleaning basins with automatic soap and disinfectant dispensers, and sole cleaning and disinfection.

Automatic and contactless solutions such as the Manotizer Type 23704 hand disinfectant dispenser are particularly practical. The device is completely made of 1.4301 stainless steel and thus easy to clean. A quick-closing diaphragm pump prevents undesired dripping and a five-liter canister of disinfectant ensures sufficient supply. An inspection window on the front of the device shows the canister fill-level.

If required, the device can be made with doors that automatically open and close via a potential-free contact. This allows access to sensitive areas only after successful disinfection. The device can be expanded with an 11.6-inch screen to display information, videos, photos or presentations.

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