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Get the cleanest cut – fast

Precision and speed are important factors in daily work with both cutting machines and bone bandsaws. Safe handling of these machines is very important, as a practical accident shows.

Fast work is uppermost, because time is money. But only a short lapse of attention while working on the bandsaw, however, can result in a missing finger joint. This happened in a meat processing center (see box). Accidents at bandsaws are the frontrunners among machine accidents in the meat industry, according to the Employer’s Association for the Food and Hospitality Industry (BGN). It warns against dealing too laxly with the dangers of working at bandsaws and cutting machines and recommends repeatedly addressing employees about these in order to prevent accidents.

Occupational safety plays a major role with both bone bandsaws and cutting machines, and manufacturers naturally keep this in mind when designing their machines. They also pay attention to hygienic design that ensures quick and easy cleaning of the machines.

When investing in new machines, speed and consistently cut slices, strips and cubes are particularly important for butchers. Even when fresh or frozen meat – boneless or bone-in – is cut at high speeds, gentle handling is important because the meat must not be exposed to excessive pressure.

Low-maintenance machine design is another selection criterion for both cutting machines and bone bandsaws used for cleanly cutting bone and coarsely pre-crushing frozen meat blocks. In this article, Die Fleischerei presents machines and their performance features.

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