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Germ-free ice – thanks to ozone

To eliminate possible hygiene gaps, Maja (Kehl-Goldscheuer, Germany) now offers an ozone sterilization system for its ice makers. The plug-in module must only be integrated into the water inlet. Ozone is a natural substance that is the agent of choice in the food industry as an oxidant and disinfectant. It is also suitable for use in the ice sector. The reactive active oxygen is added to the process water via the Maja ozone module. It destroys all possible germs and microorganisms wherever the ozonized water goes, especially in pipes, in the water basin, in shafts and storage tanks and in ice.

The plug-in Maja ozone module is surrounded by a stainless-steel safety housing that is simply integrated into the ice-maker’s water inlet. According to the manufacturer, only two hoses must be connected and a permanent 230-volt mains connection installed. Old devices can be retrofitted with the ozone module.

In the food industry, hygiene has top priority. Regulatory bodies set high standards for assessing the hygiene of ice makers and the ice they produce. When an inspector comes, it is not enough to suppose that ice produced from a constantly monitored municipal drinking water supply is hygienic. The ice machine operator may be in for a nasty surprise. Too many factors can affect the purity of the water on its way from the water supply, through the machine, to the ejection of ice. External factors such as the condition of the company’s water pipes, the location of the ice machine or longer downtimes can promote biofilm and lime deposits and provide a breeding ground for germs. All ice makers, regardless of which principle they employ, should thus be cleaned and descaled regularly.

To simplify this, Maja flake ice and nugget ice makers are available with Maja-SCS, a self-cleaning system. The ice maker is thoroughly cleaned and descaled either at the push of a button or automatically via the cleaning program. Regular machine maintenance contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the system.

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