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Gentle, dimensionally stable freezing

IQF products (individually quick frozen) are enjoying increasing popularity in the food industry. Air Liquide (Düsseldorf, Germany) offers the Zip-Roll freezer for dimensionally stable freezing, and has now further developed this system to meet the ever-increasing requirements placed on IQF products. The freezer uses cryogenic cooling by the liquid gases nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The perforated rotating tumbler is specially designed to ensure that the food products to be frozen are exposed to minimal stress and do not stick together. The result: optimised product quality independent of shape.

The use of cryogenic cooling makes the freezer not only fast but also efficient. The freezer design allows the cryogenic gas to reach the product with high efficiency, guaranteeing a very effective and therefore economical use of the refrigerant. To achieve these results, the cold gas is blown through the rotating tumbler from below. This current of air functions as an “air cushion”, protecting the products. The freezer is very compact and, with a length of just over three metres, can be easily integrated into existing production lines. The freezer has a divided housing. Thanks to this “TopLift” system, the upper part of the housing can be opened by simply lifting it upwards, making the entire tumbler accessible and easy to clean.

For products with slightly moist surfaces, jets for additional cooling with liquid nitrogen have been installed in the entrance area of the rotating tumbler. As a result, the product enters the tumbler pre-cooled in order to prevent products from sticking to it. These features have expanded the range of products that can be frozen using the Zip-Roll.

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