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Gases for quality and shelf life

Freshline food gases from Air Products (Hattingen, Germany) are used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – packaging under protective gas atmosphere. In this process, the normal ambient air in the packaging is replaced by a modified atmosphere. Air Products offers the food industry a range of pure, pre-mixed food gases. They are available in bottles, bundles, in stationary small tanks or as liquid in tank trucks.

With Freshline Superfresh, Air Products has a process that lets food manufacturers improve the shelf life and quality of food products offered in refrigerated counters. The process combines cryogenic freezing and packaging in an inert gas atmosphere, which effectively slows the spoilage of frozen products after thawing. As a result, frozen and thawed food can be offered with a high-quality appearance and shelf life comparable to that of a chilled MAP product – while retaining its taste and texture.

Freshline has also recently developed an Aroma MAP system, which nebulizes natural or essential oils into the airstream during packaging under the MAP process. The aroma of the protective gas in the packaging is effectively enhanced with no additional production step. With this new possibility of naturally improving the scent and aroma of packaged food, the system adds to the customer’s sensory experience and future shopping behavior. Essential oils can also extend the shelf life of foods.

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