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Future-proof smoking

Consumers have high expectations on food. In addition to product quality, sustainability now plays an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions.

Red Arrow (Bremen, Germany) has developed a smoke that combines the values of tradition with the requirements of the future – CleanSmoke, a purified smoke. It contains no undesirable pollutants such as ash, tar, PAH’s and especially benzo(a)pyrenes. Only the essential ingredients of the smoke that are responsible for the taste, coloring, preservation and textural properties of the smoked food are retained. The smoking process is economical and environmentally friendly because pollutants are removed in advance.

The smoking chambers and smoke generator, which can be connected to a central CIP system, feature simplified cleaning, for significant savings of cleaning agents and water (approx. 39 percent over friction smoke and 88 percent over glow smoke). The positive effects on wastewater pollution and volume and thus on the environment are apparent. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80 percent compared to conventional smoking processes. The operation of smoking facilities is safer as there is no danger of fire or explosion due to smoke generation. Plant hygiene is also significantly better due to the lack of dust from wood and ash.

Conclusion: According to the manufacturer, the combination of the economical use of resources and the targeted optimization of the smoking process reduces pollution and increases the economic efficiency of smoking processes.

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