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Full range of frozen block cutters

Magurit (Hückeswagen, Germany) has adapted and expanded its product range over the years and currently offers some 25 different machine types.

Large meat processing companies with a wide range of products often opt for the Fromat or Unicut series guillotine slicers. Their clean cuts are particularly advantageous for raw sausage and cooked ham.

Users who require high outputs and easy-to-mix cutting results like those needed for boiled sausage or ground meat often opt for the Starcutter series of rotary cutters. In addition to fine, well-defined slicing, these machines also consume little energy – an important criterion for investment decisions in view of constantly rising energy costs.

The C-Cut knife system chops frozen meat blocks while maintaining their cell structure and binding capacity. They can then be mixed directly with other ingredients. At the same time, the device offers such high cooling reserves that no cooling medium is required.

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