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Full power, less energy

The recently revised DIN standard for determining standardised measurements makes it clear that slicers from Bizerba (Balingen, Germany) require considerably less energy than comparable machines.

The DIN standard adopted at the start of 2016 enables the energy consumed by commercial kitchen appliances such as slicers, bone saws and meat grinders to be measured for the first time. It can now be clearly seen how much electricity can be saved when using slicers with intelligent motor control. This is because it is not often taken into account that even supposed small “power guzzlers” such as slicers use lots of energy in total.

The DIN 18873-16 standard published in February 2016 allows companies to determine the energy consumption of their equipment and also to compare different equipment. Using the standard, Bizerba demonstrated that both manual and automatic vertical and gravity-feed slicers with intelligent motor control use up to 60 percent less energy than equipment without this technology.

Bizerba developed the Emotion technology to save energy when using the slicer both during operation and while idling. This function is based on the fact that not every piece of meat or sausage has the same properties and so the resistance during slicing can vary greatly. The slicer registers the counterforce and produces correspondingly less power from the blade motor in response without changing the blade’s rotational speed. The motor will only operate at full torque and maximum power for products that are difficult to cut.

The slicer therefore only uses the amount of electricity that it needs on average for slicing, meaning that it also stays cooler. This also affects the slicer’s hygienic properties because it radiates barely any heat to the environment, meaning that food in the tray area stays cooler and therefore remains fresher for longer.

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