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From local device-maker to global machine and equipment specialist

For 75 years, the company Vemag Maschinenbau ­GmbH (Verden, Germany) has been developing and producing machine systems for the food industry and food trade, standing out as a success story of engineering ingenuity. By offering needs-based solutions for the filling, portioning, forming and depositing of food products, Vemag has advanced to 25th place in the ranking of the German Mittelstand (SMEs).

The company Holz- und Gerätebaugesellschaft mbH was founded in Verden in 1944 during the final turbulent years of World War II, changing its name to Vemag Verdener Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH in 1950. Originally a manufacturer of various investment and utilitarian goods, like church clocks and honey extractors, Vemag soon outgrew its humble beginnings to become a leading specialist for vacuum filling technology and a global company with around 630 employees. A significant factor in the company’s success was its development of a continuous vacuum filler for both industrial applications and artisan producers. This machine provides a reliable solution for the uniform filling and transport of doughs or sausage meats.

Another milestone for Vemag was the development of its innovative double screw technology, which is still the unique selling point of the company. The double screw guarantees that the filling material is handled extremely gently, reducing material losses and optimising the overall cost of the process through the stability of the technology used.

With its constantly growing modular system, the company has quickly expanded its original concentration on traditional artisan tools to include industrial applications in order to meet the growing demand in food production and the constantly increasing size of industrial operations.

Today, vacuum fillers account for less than 40 percent of Vemag’s total sales. Its portfolio now caters to a whole range of customer requirements, including attachments, service, consulting and comprehensive solutions for the portioning, filling, forming, depositing and inserting of materials with consistencies ranging from liquid to paste-like.

Vemag’s success soon took on an international dimension thanks to technical innovations and flexible, individual applications. Foreign operations were established through local representatives, as well as sales and service companies, with the aim of offering outstanding service to customers in as many parts of the world as possible.

Vemag is now represented in more than 80 countries and has an export share of over 85 percent. The strategic investor and shareholder of Vemag Maschinenbau GmbH, the company Robert Reiser & Co. from the US, is well established in the industry. As Vemag’s largest customer for the North American market, it shares Vemag’s passion for food industry solutions.

The strength of the constantly growing company lies in its approach of treating its customers as equals: individual consulting, technological support, knowledge transfer and training opportunities, also on-site, are some of the company’s commitments to its customers. The consideration of customer experience and needs in the (further) development of machines and attachments are Vemag’s guarantee for success. “We visit our customers and listen closely to them in order to understand their individual needs – in terms of both machines and service,” said Dr. Niclas Rathmann, CEO of Vemag Maschinenbau.

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