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From barcode label to freezer sticker

HT Werbeetiketten (Büdingen, Germany) offers an extensive product range of adhesive labels for self-printing and marking. The range includes rolls and sheets for all common printer models.

For roll labels, self-adhesive materials are available that can be easily printed with any printer. According to the manufacturer, the surface quality of the materials, which are specially adapted to the respective system, guarantees sharply contoured and color-intensive printing results. All rolls can be customized.

For thermal transfer printers, HT Werbeetiketten offers many types of roll materials. In addition to classic white paper stickers, there are attractive decorative papers such as self-adhesive brown wrapping paper, glossy materials, luminous color papers or metalized (aluminum laminated) papers. A large selection of printable film labels is also available. Standard films such as PP or PE are available as well as special or unusual material variants such as holographic films, robust and durable polyester films or even hologram and security films.

For inkjet, laser printers and copiers, HT Werbeetiketten offers a varied range of A4 sheet labels. All A4 sheet-fed labels have a safety margin on all borders that prevents the adhesive from bleeding into the printer. Many standard formats are available directly from the company. Custom-made products in any size and quantity can be realized individually.

In addition to its extensive range of materials, the manufacturer also offers various adhesives for both roll and A4 sheet labels. Special adhesives are also available, with properties from easily removable to extra-strong. These can be used for deep-freeze labels, or as water-soluble adhesives for reusable containers.

All label types are available unprinted, (partially) pre-printed, or if desired, fully inked. The layout for the imprint can be designed individually. Pre-printed stickers are available for all common printing systems on rolls or sheets. In practice, this allows a high degree of flexibility and ­efficient warehousing, since the pre-printed base labels are purchased in large quantities at a low price and only used when required. This is ideal for different varieties, changing ingredients or seasonal products.

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