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For sausage and oxen-mouth salad

Traditional products such as sausage and oxen-mouth salad are popular. However, they cannot be filled using a classic piston filler. For automatically filling these non-pumpable products, Grunwald (Wangen, Germany) has developed the Flexodos mobile dosing system – a bulk filler that works on the basis of volume.

According to the manufacturer, installation on the filling line is simple and requires only a few steps. The dosing unit is inserted into the dock-in station of the cup filler, locked and connected, upon which production can begin.

The products are fed from the filled hopper to the dosing chamber via the product conveyor screw. The de-stacked cup is lifted into the cup filling machine. For optimal product distribution in the cup, the product is ejected into the raised cup after volume measurement. This functional principle guarantees gentle product filling.

The machine combination of a Grunwald cup filler with two mobile fillers enables product changeover in less than five minutes. The cup filler is also allergen-free because all parts that come into contact with the product are removed by replacing the dosers. If the Mobifill piston filler is used in addition to the Flexodos bulk filler (for filling mayonnaise-based salads such as meat salad), the entire system can be used for a wide range of products.

The dosing units can be cleaned independently of the filling machine. Thanks to the machine’s small footprint, it requires little space.

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