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For huge batches of sausage meat

Large production volumes require equipment with the appropriate capacity and performance. Industrial meat production companies use cutting mixers – sometimes with bowl volumes of over 1,000 l – for huge batches of emulsion used for sausages ranging from scalded to cooked. Many of these modern cutters integrate touch controls, vacuum, and cooking functions.

Emulsions created during the cutting and mixing process from ingredients such as meat, fat, water, and spices should be as homogenous as possible. To achieve this, machines must have high processing capacity as well as the flexibility to handle fresh or frozen raw materials and produce coarser or finer end products. They should feature adjustable bowl and knife rotation speeds, easy loading, user-friendly display controls, electronic recipe and production data storage, advanced noise protection, and hygienic stainless-steel design without corners and edges for easy cleaning of the bowl and all surfaces. Some models, for example, have no gaskets, which eliminates potential sources of contamination; some have split lids and boiler flaps, which simplifies loading and cleaning.

Especially in industrial production, such factors help guarantee consistently high product quality and save time and money. Whether a company decides to invest in a cutter’s special fine-shredding or homogenizing capabilities always depends on the product range.

Below, Die Fleischerei presents some cutting mixers from well-known manufacturers that can help optimize production processes in the meat industry.

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