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The demand for plant alternatives for meat and dairy products is rising internationally. However, plant products are only successful if they can impress consumers in regards to flavour and texture. Hydrosol, a provider of stabilising and texturing systems in Ahrensburg, Germany, presents its latest generation of functional systems and all-in compounds for manufacturing plant-based burger patties, sliced products and sausages as well as vegan alternatives to pizza cheese, fresh cheese and sour cream.

In the meat sector, one of the company’s areas of focus is plant-based burger patties, for example, its HydroTop Vegan Patty PP. The special feature of this product is that the stabilising and texturing system is free of soy, wheat and other allergens. It is based on proteins derived from broad beans and peas. Together with a texturate based on sunflower seeds, customers can create vegan burger patties that are amazingly similar to the animal product in regards to flavour, texture and mouth feel. With just one E number, the stabilising system is declaration friendly.

Along with the allergen-free functional system, Hydrosol is also presenting established systems based on wheat and soy protein that produce delicious burger patties with wheat texturiser. The all-in compounds are also suitable for other vegan end products – from meatball alternatives to vegan cevapcici. They are freeze/thaw stable and can be easily incorporated into ready meals.

The range of plant-based meat alternatives is supplemented by all-in compounds for the production of vegan sliced products or bacon as well as plant-based sausages for hot and cold consumption. Vegan nuggets and schnitzel as well as fish finger analogues or other breaded products are also possible. To meet the rising demand for vegan alternatives to dairy products, Hydrosol also has various plant ingredients in its portfolio – including a vegan alternative to sour cream as well as a pizza topping that has very good melting properties and can be used as an alternative to cheese.

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