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Foaming and disinfecting

R+M de Wit (Velbert, Germany) has extended its stainless-steel easyfoam365+ injector program with another innovation. The ST-162 is a foam or disinfection unit that can be used wherever frequent cleaning or disinfection is required.

The stainless-steel injector unit is constructed of stainless steel and special high-performance plastics. The switch lever determines the dosage of the desired chemical. Depending on the foam stability, the foaming process can achieve long exposure times and high area outputs. A further advantage of foam cleaning is precise surface treatment because treated areas can easily be distinguished from untreated ones.

The stainless-steel ST-162 easyfoam365+ injector can be integrated where needed, as the injector can be installed in a panel with just a few steps.

The symmetrical air injection around the diffuser nozzle improves the foam pattern in the low-pressure range. The full jet nozzle inserts can firmly limit the supplied air volume. The optimum mixing ratio of foam or disinfectant to water quantity is determined by the dosing inserts included in the scope of delivery. The injector can be used with working pressures of 4-350 bar in low-, medium- and high-pressure operation. The changeover from foam to rinsing is done by switching a lever.

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