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Flexible multitalents

Enhanced meat products are highly popular, pushing the demand for processing technology. Multifunctional combi-systems that cook, roast, bake or even smoke meet these requirements.

The desire for convenience products continues unabated. Consumers want expediency, whether as pre-seasoned, pickled, ready-to-cook or -fry foods, or simply as ready-to-eat dishes. This is also boosting the thriving business for take-out and eat-in snacks. The catering sector – part of the away-from-home market – has likewise grown significantly in recent years.

To profit from these developments, service providers depend on the appropriate technical equipment. Demand for tasty snacks, take-out meals and even complete menus is extremely varied, which requires efficient and flexible technology. Combi-systems that provide such functionality are now indispensable in all types of gastronomic businesses. Such universal helpers are increasingly versatile. They master all preparation methods and deliver optimum cooking results, even overnight.

Easy operation, online networking for digital updates of recipes or quick answers to technical questions as well as automatic self-cleaning programs are standard features of today’s combi-equipment.

Die Fleischerei presents a selection of technical kitchen aids plus information about their performance characteristics.

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