Flexible and gentle processing

Grinders and mixers play an important role in meat production: They must handle sensitive raw materials gently – while always maintaining flexibility. After all, connecting or integrating work steps such as separating, tumbling, filling, or portioning saves time and personnel.

Meat grinders range in size from small store units to line-ready and industry-proven automatic mixers or fillers. But no matter the grinder, it must cut cleanly and create a clear grain size if the result is to be a good sausage emulsion. This is the only way to preserve the meat structure and avoid excessive fat and moisture loss.

Decisive factors to consider when purchasing a new machine include motor power, cutting speed and hopper capacity. But purchasers must also consider ease of operation during production or behind the counter, ergonomic handling, extras such as cooling functions or modern screw conveyor technologies, and if possible, tool-free disassembly of the stainless-steel machines for hygienic cleaning. It goes without saying that a modern grinder should be able to process a wide range of raw materials – from fresh to frozen meat.

Those who invest in modern mixers can expect many individually configurable parameters, including running speed, air pressure, or temperature, in order to be able to mix intensively or emulsify gently, depending on the material. The range of processed products extends from fresh sausage meat to semi-dry raw sausage meat, from mashed potatoes to processed cheese and delicatessen salad.

Below, Die Fleischerei presents a selection of machines for grinding and mixing that can help companies improve their work and production processes.