Filler for SMEs

The VF 828 S vacuum filler allows flexible adjustment of production output and is thus designed for the medium output segment of the meat and food processing ­industry. Handtmann - © Handtmann

The VF 828 S vacuum filler from Handtmann (Biberach, Germany) is designed for the medium output segment of meat processing. It covers performance requirements for medium-sized to larger businesses, but even up to industrial companies.

Especially when producing raw and fresh sausages with the automatic AL sausage lines, the combination of the VF 828 S – which is highly suited for gentle and efficient processing of meat and meat substitutes (liquid, pasty, solid or of medium chunkiness) – and the optional GD 451 filler grinder system guarantees high-quality results. The integrated filler grinder can also be used for products made from ground material such as minced meat, or shaped products such as burgers or cevapcici.

When producing raw sausage and semi-durable products such as raw Polish, pepper biters, and all kinds of salami, the filler grinder technology contributes to the sensory appeal of the products, according to the manufacturer. Coarser pre-processed stuffing is easier to evacuate than compactly chopped raw sausage meat. This positively affects the color stability, flavor development, ripening behavior and reduction of the porosity of the cut. While conventional technology requires high proportions of frozen recipe ingredients, the filler grinder process needs only low cold reserves. The use of fresh, non-frozen ingredients minimizes the energy required to condition the material and equalize the temperature of the stuffed raw sausages during maturation.

The ground meat portioning line consisting of the vacuum filler VF 828 S, a filler grinder with a grinder attachment, and a ground meat portioner achieves efficient production. The interaction of the processes ensures automated production standards with the options of tray loading or insertion into thermoforming machines. This optimizes the production of formed products both in terms of process technology and quality via the integrated filler grinder. The qualitative improvement is due to product protection and flexible adjustment of grain size. Process technology is improved by reducing the number of process steps, which is particularly effective when used with forming systems (meatballs, cevapcici, burgers).

For all applications with an integrated filler grinder, the VF 828 S ensures stability and precision by designing all components to industry standards.