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Fighting dirt with foam

Birchmeier (Stetten, Switzerland) is now presenting its new foaming device, the Foam-Matic 5P, which creates a very dry, long-lasting foam without additional compressed air that simplifies cleaning tools in kitchens and butcher shops (available in Germany via

Cleaning professionals know that time, chemicals and mechanical cleaning effort can be reduced by cleaning foams that have a long adhesion and exposure time. This is especially important for vertical and smooth surfaces. The new Foam-Matic 5P, which can be used in many areas, creates this type of foam quality via a newly developed foam system. A large air cushion and 4 bar pressure guarantee long foaming. Circa 40 square meters can be cleaned with one liter. Its resistance to most cleaning chemicals (Viton seals) ensures that a wide variety of foaming agents can be used. The short tube is ideal for use in tight situations. The optional 50 cm extension increases the device’s range.

The unbreakable 7.5-l container (5 l contents and 2.5 l air cushion) is semi-transparent so that the actual level is always visible. The integrated air valve enables convenient pressure generation with the existing compressed air. Otherwise, the efficient hand pump generates the necessary operating pressure with a two-handed grip. The 1.5 m long pressure hose allows a long distance when foaming.

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