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Fast vacuum cycle

According to Komet (Plochingen, Germany), its Evolution 300 Pro and Plus table-top vacuum-devices feature fast vacuum cycles. Users can pack more products in the same time, serve customers faster at the counter and have less idle time in the kitchen.

The Evolution Pro has a double seal and is equipped with the Comfort Control; the Evolution Plus has the Perfect sensor control with boiling point detection – important when packaging liquids. In addition, the Evolution Plus automatically cuts off the protruding bag end.

Both machines have a small footprint and a sealing length of 305 mm. They thus handle the most frequently used bag sizes and are suitable for a wide range of applications and target groups (e.g. catering, butchers, food retailers, cooking schools, market stand operators, bartenders, but also ambitious hunters, fishermen and hobby cooks). Further advantages: the machines feature high-quality workmanship and are easy to clean, as they are made completely of stainless steel, have a full ultimate vacuum and are “Made in Germany”. The devices are operated via a display with large, easy-to-read digits and status indicators.

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