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Fast safety concept for refrigerated counters

Particularly in the summer months, refrigerated counters ensure a high level of operational safety to prevent spoilage of goods. Aichinger (Wendelstein, Germany) is, according to its own information, the first manufacturer to offer monitoring electronics that visually display an error on the refrigerated counter and/or remote monitoring software as soon as the error occurs. This enables a much quicker response time. FANCi is optionally available for the Sirius 3, Sirius Swing, Frontline, AirMaxx and FreshMaxx refrigerated counters from Aichinger and can also be retrofitted.

FANCi measures the supply air flow to the fans in the refrigerated counter. Conventional warning systems measure the temperature in the counter itself, meaning a malfunction of the fans is signalled considerably later, often as long as 90 to 120 minutes after it occurs. The goods are then often already spoiled or no longer sellable.

The safety concept from Aichinger includes two factors in addition to FANCi. The specialist in refrigerated counters and shopfitting has fans manufactured by the premium supplier ebm-papst according to its own requirements. These fans are characterised by a long service life of 75,000 operating hours, low energy consumption of 1.7 W, long-term stable bearings and a waterproof rating of IP68. This means that the fans are impervious to water during cleaning of the refrigerated counter. Aichin­ger also uses multi-fan technology (MFT) in which two fans are used for each linear metre of refrigerated counter. The redundancy built into the operating system also enables emergency cooling if one of the fans fails.

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