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Fast ripening, balanced taste

The ripening and protective cultures from the MicroStart series made by Beck Gewürze (Schnaittach, Germany) are suitable for a wide variety of sausages. The company’s cultures for raw sausage include:

The versatile classic 54.3360000 Roh­wusal Salami Optimal, a spicing and ripening preparation for firm raw sausages such as house salami. Pepper, coriander and a hint of chili provide a special taste. The 70.9871179 MicroStart BE 25 culture is ideal for fast-fermenting sausages with short production times. This freeze-dried starter culture ferments, quickly ripens, and stabilizes firm raw sausages, giving them a balanced taste and excellent color. This classic is also available without glutamate.

The company’s 54.3368200 Roh­wusal Salami coarse pepper Optimal oG combines a rustic charm with a subtle hint of pepper. 70.9871073 MicroStart Safe is the perfect additive. Its ripening and protective culture creates a firm raw sausage with a mild flavor and fast production time. It contains a bacteriocin-producing bacterial strain that inhibits listeria.

54.0606100 Rohwusal Mountain ­Salami-Edelschimmel produces a very mild salami with a distinct and even mold coating. White and black ­pepper, garlic and mace provide the rounded spice composition. 70.9871077 MicroStart Edelschimmel ensures optimum mold growth.

A new addition to the range is 20.2661300 Ham Quick Liquid Optimal P, a liquid, honey-colored ham injector characterized by its strong aromatic flavor and honey-juniper note.

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