Evenly mix large quantities

The AMR 3500 automatic mixer-grinder ensures uniform mixing and a clear cuts, even with large capacities. Seydelmann - © Seydelmann

For mixing and reducing the size of large capacities, Seydelmann (Stuttgart, Germany) recommends its powerful mixer-grinders and automatic mixer-grinders. The mixer-grinders with hopper capacities of 1,300 and 1,800 liters and grinder housings of 160 or 200 millimeters can discharge their material either directly via discharge flaps after mixing or feed it into the cutting set for grinding.

With hopper capacities ranging from 1,800 to 3,500 liters, the AMR type automatic mixer-grinders are suitable for large quantities. The AMR has two mixer axles, each with its own drive. These can be switched independently of each other and run in the same or opposite direction as required. In conjunction with the feeder screw’s reverse gear, uniform mixing is guaranteed even with large ­capacities.

The long feeder screw of the AMR is positioned above and parallel to the wolf screw. This enables a quick discharge to the grinder outlet. Frequency-controlled and continuously programmable, the feeder screw ensures an ideal transfer to the working screw. This allows definition of the optimum pressure and flow for each product and achieves a dense, clear cutting pattern for every material.

For industrial grinders as well as the mixer grinders, RFID blade sets are available. These RFID blade sets help prevent insertion errors via codes in the blade set parts. The machine controller indicates the necessary cutting set for the product to be manufactured. Production does not start until the suitable blade set is installed.

The cooling function, which is available for all Seydelmann automatic and non-automatic mixer-grinders, ensures optimum processing temperatures. Materials are cooled with carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen (LN2) sprayed through nozzles in the bottom of the hopper. Another option is using snow-forming carbon dioxide via snow horns integrated in the machine lid. The cooling function can save refrigerator capacity. To keep product temperatures constant throughout the mixing process, indirect cooling via the trough wall is also offered. Pillowplates also enable heating.

Seydelmann machines are made of thick-walled stainless steel. All surfaces are rounded, polished and sloping; water and detergents flow off easily. The machines can be cleaned with high-pressure steam because flush-mounted covers on the machine frame prevent liquid from penetrating the inside.