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Boiling kettles can do more than just boil. They can also be uses to roast, simmer, steam, stew, fry, mix, seal and even cool foods. In this article, Die Fleischerei provides information on the uses and features of the flexible all-rounders from various manufacturers.

Either round or square, large or small - boiling kettles are indispensable for many types of daily work in butcher shops. They are primarily used for cooking white goods and hams in forms, but also for pre-cooking materials used in boiling sausage production, for rendering fat, boiling cans, making soups and goulashes as well as for preparing and making meals or components of dishes for hot-meal counters, delivery services or catering.

Modern controls make it easy to operate such equipment. Temperatures and process durations can be optimally adjusted for the respective product with only a few settings. This ensures cooking processes that are as gentle as possible. The process data relevant for the cooking procedure can be stored and retrieved for documentation and archival purposes at any time.

These all-rounders are also excellent in regard to energy consumption. Manufacturers work to keep energy use as low as possible, ensuring that their products feature short preheating and long warming times. Kettles can be heated electrically, with gas, oil, steam or solid fuels. Most manufacturers supply their equipment with the heating system desired by the customer.

Regardless of the type of heating used, it must ensure even and fast pre-heating with the lowest possible energy use. Good insulation keeps temperatures constant over longer periods of time, even when the energy source has been turned off. If the kettle temperature sinks below the pre-set level, the energy source is automatically turned on again.

All manufacturers place great value on easy cleaning; their devices feature smooth surfaces without recesses and easy-to-clean corners.

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