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Environmentally friendly lightweights

ES-Plastic (Hutthurm, Germany) has expanded its feather-light, environmentally friendly Evolution “Eco Pro” tray series and is now offering them with larger volumes. The packaging specialist established its first Evolution “Eco Pro” trays on the market a few years ago; their especially light weight distinguishes them from conventional PP trays.

In response to a growing customer base for these feather-light trays, the development department added a new model to the product family. The largest of the new trays measures 227 × 178 × 60 mm with a volume of 1,832 ml and weighs a mere 17.5 g. This is 20 percent less than conventional models. The trays are also available in a medium size, measuring 50 mm in height, and a smaller size with a height of 40 mm.

Owing to their specially designed ribbing, “Eco Pro” trays have the same stability as a standard tray, in spite of their light weight. They are ideally suited for the hygienic and attractive packaging of meat products and can be reliably sealed with all commonly used top films for PP

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