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Entry models for film printing

Expanding on its proven DP 2x0 series, Multivac (Wolfertschwenden, Germany) has launched a new series of Baseline direct web printers for the low and medium output range of thermoform packaging machines. The cost-efficient entry-level models of the Baseline series DP 110/130 can be used on all thermoforming packaging machines of the R 0xx to R 5xx series.

The compact, space-saving design leaves the insertion area completely free. Thanks to their stepper motor drives, no housing is necessary and access to the printer is quick and easy.

Thermal transfer, inkjet and thermal inkjet printing offer three printing technologies for the marking process. The direct film printers are specially adapted to the respective packaging machine and form a unit in terms of both design and control technology. The traversing axes and printers are operated directly via the packaging machine’s HMI. The machine parameters are stored in the recipe management system and automatically transferred when a batch is changed, which ensures fast changeovers to other products or pack sizes, and thus, high line availability. Multivac also offers a comprehensive range of consumables for optimum print results.

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