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Energy-efficient exhaust air treatment

KMA Umwelttechnik (Königswinter, Germany) offers an energy-efficient alternative to afterburning units for smoking companies with its Aairmaxx waste air filtration systems. The modular waste air filtration system reduces the energy needed to clean the exhaust air by up to 80 percent compared to conventional afterburning units, which need large amounts of gas, oil or electrical energy, according to the company.

The Aairmaxx waste air filtration system, with its combined procedure that uses an energy-saving electric filter and a gas washer, is a sustainable and economical method of flue gas cleaning. In particular, smoking companies have problems with reducing their emissions: nearly all emissions from such companies are organic in origin and consist of fatty, tarry or oily compounds with strong odors. This places high requirements on the filter technology, because the filter systems must simultaneously separate solids (tar) and odors. What makes this more difficult is that many conventional solids separators rapidly stick together due to tars and fats and become rapidly unusable. The Aairmaxx electric filter - which consists of one or several metal pipes - effectively filters aerosols like fats, oil mists and tar from the exhaust, with low energy use and without getting sticky. During the filtration process, the particles are electrostatically charged and trapped on the inner walls of the pipes.

The filter system is cleaned in regular intervals by an optionally available automatic cleaning system that ensures minimal maintenance. This is followed by use of an exhaust washer that separates odors, gases and steam and functions according to the absorption principle. This means that the gases and steam in the exhaust are bonded and eliminated by the suitable washing liquid. Aairmaxx waste air filtration systems ensure a high degree of separation and compliance with emission levels according to TA-Luft as well as VDI regulations, according to the manufacturer.

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