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Emission-free smoking

CleanSmoke is the basis for sustainable smoking and is particularly efficient in combination with the SmartSmoke smoke generator from Red Arrow (Bremen, Germany). CleanSmoke is regenerated smoke from which the harmful substances like ash, tar, PAKs and benzo(a)pyrene have been removed. Only the ingredients responsible for the taste, coloring, preservation and texture properties remain. The smoking process is more economical and environmentally friendly due to the advance removal of these substances because the automatic cleaning system works with gentler agents. This reduces wastewater pollution and water consumption.

Because the SmartSmoke smoke generator smokes in a closed circulation system without emissions, it can also be used in sensitive areas. Specially designed to supply several smoking systems, the automatic controller supplies the individual chambers with the required smoke volume. All parameters can be set individually and offer great flexibility, according to the manufacturer.

Problems such as yeast and mold formation can be eliminated thanks to product adaptation. Individual flavor characteristics are also possible. Customer needs and technical requirements can thus be considered.

The SmartSmoke generator is an innovation for climate smoke in medium and large companies. The device can be easily connected to existing systems. Red Arrow carries out all installations and maintenance work.

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