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Eliminating mold without poison

Vallovapor GmbH (Berlin, Germany), a company that provides services in the area of mold, germ and odor removal, offers an innovative procedure for rapid, non-toxic and lasting disinfection of air and surfaces in closed rooms by means of dry cold atomization. According to the company, mold cannot be completely eliminated by most other procedures. After treatment with chlorinated substances, for example, mold can quickly return. If toxic chemicals are used to kill molds on the surface, deeper-lying mold spores as well as those in the air live on. After a few weeks, the situation is the same as it has always been. And chemical procedures in particular are especially dangerous to the health of occupants.

In contrast, Vallovapor’s innovative new atomization procedure is an effective and non-toxic method of fighting mold. “Clinical studies have shown that this treatment is completely harmless to people and animals,” says the company’s Managing Director Martin Urbanek. “The active substance is also odorless and tasteless. It uses absolutely no chemicals!”

First, all mold spores on surfaces, in structures and in the air are killed. The “ValloFog” active substance is not only applied to mold, but finely atomized as well. This ensures that it gets into even the smallest cavities and can penetrate deeper-lying layers. Later, a preventive layer is sprayed in the room, which acts against new mold buildup. Rooms can be treated with all furniture and items. They can be used normally after approximately two hours. “To complete such treatment, we come to a place three to four times. If necessary, we also carry out painting work,” says Urbanek.

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