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Edertal Elektromotoren (Wabern, Germany) has expanded its product range with the Edertal EML 70 electric meat grinder, which is driven by a powerful, smooth-running spur gear. The brushless DC motor has no carbon brushes and is maintenance-free. The motor housing and removable three-liter filling bowl are made of rust-free stainless steel. The smooth surfaces of these parts are especially hygienic. All removable parts including the entire grinder housing are dishwasher-safe and can be rapidly cleaned.

The grinder housing, screw and coupling nut are likewise made of rust-free stainless steel. The grinder housing, manufactured of solid material using CNC machining, has an extremely high surface quality, according to the manufacturer, and can be removed with one hand motion.  A reverse gear is standard. The three-part blade set consists of a double knife, pre-cutter and an Unger R 70 B perforated disk. The machine can process up to 150 kg of meat per hour, depending on the type.

As with all mobile Edertal meat grinders, the complete grinder (including the housing, screw and blade set) as well as the filling bowl can be removed with only a few simple motions and placed in a refrigerated counter, for example, between two work processes. Due to the short grinder and smooth surfaces, only very little product ­remains in the machine per operation, according to the manufacturer.

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