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Efficiently check temperature and pressure

The new testo 191 HACCP data logger system from measuring technology specialist Testo (Titisee-Neu­stadt, Germany) simplifies the control and documentation of temperature and pressure in sterilisation, pasteurisation and freeze- drying processes. The system is made up of five robust data loggers for temperature and pressure with batteries that can be quickly and safely changed with a twisting action, simple to operate software with process-supported, intuitive user guidance and 1-click reports as well as a multifunction case for readout, configuration and storage.

To ensure the quality and safety of food being preserved by sterilisation, pasteurisation or freeze-rying, the pressure and temperature within these processes must be perfectly coordinated.

The testo 191 data logger system, which is certified by HACCP International, specifically checks all process and quality parameters, reliably sets the correct function of systems and meets all regulatory requirements for documentation, according to the manufacturer. One of the critical components of the HACCP data logger system is the intuitive to operate testo 191 professional software. With the 1-click reporting, measurements can be quickly and intuitively documented without having to repeatedly reconfigure the report parameters.

A new design of the testo 191 data loggers also simplifies the job of quality managers in the food sector: the battery and the measuring technology of the HACCP data logger are located in separate housings. The batteries are available in two sizes, enabling the size of the logger to be easily adjusted to the measurement task. A multifunction case in which the data loggers are securely stored while also enabling up to eight data loggers to be programmed and read in parallel at the same time complements the product.

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