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Efficient universal systems

The Airmaster UK from Reich Thermoprozesstechnik (Schechingen, Germany) is designed for versatility. Its applications include thermal treatment of meat and meat products as well as maturing and drying of raw sausage and raw cured products.

Together with the new S 900 H steam smoke generator, the Airmaster UK represents an efficient overall package for sausage production. This combination not only increases plant capacity and yield, but further improves the sensory properties of products, according to the manufacturer. Sausages casings are more delicate, juicier, smoother and have a more even smoke color.

The climate package from Reich makes the universal smoking system an all-rounder. Typical cooked and boiled sausages, for example, can be produced during the day, while thin-caliber raw sausages such as landjäger and raw Polish sausages can be produced at night. Thick raw sausages and raw ham are matured, smoked and dried over the weekend.The KNRI ClimaStar Airmaster series of conditioned-air post-maturing systems are suitable for post-processing, drying and storage of all types of raw sausage and raw ham. Thanks to the circulating air, they operate completely independently of weather conditions and have low energy consumption.

Depending on the process and the ripening stage, the equipment can be operated with fresh air. The Ecomizer (fresh air enthalpy system) automatically optimizes dehumidification and temperature control using a cooler and/or fresh air. An outside air sensor records the thermodynamic data of the fresh outside air and communicates with the control system. As soon as outside air conditions are favorable, the system opens the fresh and exhaust air flaps and sets the desired climate. This reduces the consumption of cooling energy to a technical and technological minimum.

The exact control behavior and the always precise temperature and humidity values (according to pre-set specifications) lead to gentle, optimal ripening and drying.

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