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Efficient, gentle processing

Grinders and mixers made by Laska (Traun, Austria) are very efficient and guarantee high-quality, gentle processing of raw materials, according to the company.

Laska angled grinders are available with perforated disks of 130 mm to 300 mm diameter. The angled setup is advantageous for ensuring low product warming and a clear cut. Both the processing as well as feed screws are extendable, which enables easy cleaning. Among other things, the company mentions its WWB 300 angled grinder, which grinds the frozen meat blocks in one work process to 3 mm. Even fresh meat can be removed from a large piece of meat with excellent cutting quality.

The manufacturer’s product assortment includes mixing machines from 1,000 l to 6,000 l, in angled execution of from 130 l to 1,000 l. The touchscreen controls enable automatic programs to be created and simplify the use of additional functions like vacuums, water dosage or cooling. The standardly available infinitely variable mixing shaft speed also guarantees versatility. Mixer-grinders are particularly suitable for the efficient production of hamburger products. The containers have optimal dimensions that enable intensive and rapid mixing. Two robust and interlocking mixing shafts ensure the best mixing characteristics; the screw – ­located at the lowest point of the mixing container – actively participates in the mixing process, according to the ­manufacturer. The machines can optionally be equipped with an NIR analysis system, which records the fat content and water proportion in real time. This guarantees consistent product quality especially in production lines – which these industrial machines are made for.

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