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Efficient fly-catcher

Flies and other flying insects are not only bothersome, but are among the most important hygiene pests of all due to their mobility. They can fly back and forth rapidly and over long distances between unhygienic areas and foods, thus transmitting germs.

UV insect killers safely and hygienically eliminate flying insects. Attracted by the UV-A light, the insects are then killed either by adhesive surfaces or electric current. The latter, however, cannot be used in food-processing companies because they don’t work on small or the smallest flying insects. In addition, contamination from rupturing parts cannot be prevented. Devices with adhesive films, on the other hand, have proven themselves, according to E.H.P. Dr. Elkmann (Mönchengladbach, Germany). According to the company, it was the first provider of devices in Germany with adhesive films placed between the UV-A tubes. The professional provider of environmentally friendly hygiene products now offers devices with a range of from 20 and 400 m2.

Such products as the new in-pact 1.50 catch even the smallest insects without poison or chemicals, according to the company. The adhesive films enable the clear pest documentation required by food hygiene ordinances. According to product specifications, adhesive film devices are easy to maintain, contamination free (no insect parts can escape), odor-free (no burn-odor) as well as silent.

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