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Efficient container cleaning

Kitzinger Maschinenbau (Flensburg-Handewitt, Germany) has constructed cleaning equipment for containers for many years and can draw on its experiences with circa 800 installations of the most varied sizes. Economical operation is the focus of the company’s developments. This means ensuring first-class, validated washing and drying results due to correctly configured soaking, washing and blowing-off zones, according to the manufacturer. The machines’ double walled construction, multi-tank technology and use of wastewater warmth at the cold water inflow reduce the consumption of various media. The machines are also easy to operate and clean, according to the manufacturer. The jet arms can be replaced without tools and the tanks are almost all on the outside, making them easy to clean as well. The mature, proven construction as well as the innovative high-efficiency electric motors guarantee reliable operation. The completely welded machine housing and use of high-quality components reduce downtime and guarantee a long service life. Furthermore, the manufacturer also pays close attention to work safety aspects. These include noise reduction, protection against thermal and mechanically problematic areas and protection against aerosols (either chemical or biological).

The purchase price of a machine plays only a subordinate role. Costs that arise from too high energy, cleaning/rinsing agent and water consumption - as are found with inefficient machines - amount to many times over the purchase price of one of these machines. This, according to the company, is often not taken into account when considering the purchase of a new container washer.

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