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Effectively removing condensation

Vikan (Wiesbaden, Germany), manufacturer of professional cleaners for HACCP areas, has developed a solution for improving hygiene in diverse production areas of the food industry: the patented condensation squeegees have a flexible, specially formed rubber lip that effectively removes condensation under ceilings as well as on conduits. The funnel-shaped housing at the end collects the water and guides it either into a plastic bottle mounted onto a telescoping pole or through a tube directly onto the floor. Production need not be interrupted during this process. If desired, the condensation from the plastic bottle can be analyzed in a lab. According to the manufacturer, the low weight of the condensation squeegee guarantees ergonomic working conditions. What’s more, it can also be sterilized in an autoclave. According to product specifications, this solution meets all HACCP and IFS requirements.

Vikan also offers an IT-based color coding system for various areas. The data can be stored and later supplemented and/or changed. This solution can be directly integrated in the audit documentation.

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