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Effective two-screw principle

The GEA PowerGrind fresh and frozen meat grinder convinces through its performance and reliability, according to GEA Food Solutions (Biedenkopf-Wallau, Germany). The machine processes low-temperature frozen meat blocks as well as large amounts of fresh meat. The two-screw principle remains the benchmark for grinding fresh or frozen raw materials without blade set or screw changes, according to the manufacturer. This saves an enormous amount of time and increases flexibility and the application spectrum. The outstanding quality of end products, which have a lower share of small parts, as well as the workmanship combined with the newest hygienic design, corresponds to the high level of current grinding technology, according to the manufacturer.

The GEA PowerGrind can grind frozen meat blocks directly from the freezer. They are thawed directly afterwards in the GEA ColdSteam vacuum mixer. Here, the frozen pieces of meat are gently thawed under a vacuum, without denaturing or burning. This rapidly provides thawed raw materials for further processing to emulsified products such as fine sausage mixtures. With this technology, butchers no longer need time-consuming thawing in cold-storage rooms, which considerably simplifies material logistics and storage.

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