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Economic and safe smoking

Regardless of what is being smoked, the quality of the smoke plays a critical role and is responsible for the success of a product.

Smoke is subject to variations and the smoke quality that is generated depends on factors that the manufacturer can only control with difficulty in some cases. Smoke is also polluted with contaminants such as tar, ash and benzo(a)pyrene. The residues in the smoking chamber are clearly visible and have to be removed with harsh chemicals but some remain on the smoked food.

This fact led one man to develop a smoke more than 60 years ago that made the smoking of food cleaner and safer for both humans and the environment. The result was the founding of Red Arrow (Bremen, Germany). Over the last few decades the company has refined its smoke varieties and smoke generator to develop the CleanSmoke smoking procedure.

When smoking food, both good flavour and uniform quality are essential. The critical point is the composition of the smoke. The aim is to retain the traditional smoke flavour along with the ability of the smoke to preserve the food and improve the texture. Contaminants such as tar and ash do not contain any desirable flavours and are instead washed out of the smoke using drinking water. Only those components of the smoke that are responsible for the flavour, colouring, preservation and textural properties of the smoked food are kept. This precise separation of the components is possible thanks to a transitional liquid phase of the smoke – the pre-cleaned primary smoke product. A cleaned smoke “CleanSmoke” is generated from the cleaned, liquid phase using compressed air and special nozzles. When considering the gaseous phase and the particle size, CleanSmoke is optimised and above all controllable in terms of the process-relevant parameters, according to the manufacturer. Red Arrow provides a smoke quality guarantee for the precise composition of its smoke products.

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