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Easy clipping, higher performance

Poly-clip System claims a working speed of up to 125 cycles per minute. “How fast the production is in practice, depends only on the employees operating the machine – it could almost always work faster than the employees can hang the products on the smoke trolleys. In any case, the pace of work earns a clear ‘excellent’ – there’s no doubt about this.”

Wiedemann also gives the machine the best ranking for noise. Even if clipping machines are not among the noisiest machines in a meat-processing company, their noise development – especially over long periods of time – can become stressful for employees. “The noise level is much lower than the previous model,” says Wiedemann; “we almost don’t hear it.”

Compact and easy to maintain

Another challenge that even employees of large companies often face is the space a machine needs. “The FCA 80 is really compact,” says Wiedemann. “We have no space concerns. Nevertheless, everything is easily accessible, even for operators with normally sized hands.”

This is also noticeable when cleaning: Large openings and flaps make it easier to comply with the strict hygiene requirements found in the food industry. “No residue remains in the machine,” says Wiedemann. He has not found any edges, projections or screwed connections where meat or other contaminants could adhere to this double-clipper. In addition, smooth surfaces ensure easy cleaning and the high-quality stainless-steel machine housing also makes the machine resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.

The sophisticated design of the automatic double-clipper proves to be very practical for maintenance and service tasks. The lubrication points, for example, are merged into one lubricating strip. “We can do small maintenance tasks, such as knife or die changes, ourselves. We have our own technology department for this. We have Poly-clip System carry out larger routine maintenance,” says Wiedemann, praising the manufacturer’s reliable service. “If anything happens, we can reach the service person around the clock and get help very quickly. In most cases, even the same day.”

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