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Easy clipping, higher performance

The Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH meat processing company in Kempten, Germany manufactures a wide range of sausages. For some time now, the company has used the FCA 80 automatic double-clipper from Poly-clip System. Butcher Hubert Wiedemann, head of the sausage production department, talks about his experiences with this powerful machine.

150 different types of sausage and ham are produced by the butcher shop at Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH in Kempten. Fourteen hypermarkets and 60 supermarkets belong to the family-run company; it also has processing and enhancement operations. A total of 3,600 people are employed here.

In the company’s sausage production area, which is primarily responsible for supplying these markets and product outlets, the FCA 80 automatic double-clipper from Poly-clip System has been in use for about one year. Master butcher and trade economist Hubert Wiedemann, who is in charge of sausage production, discusses his experiences with the automatic double-clipper in this Fleischerei field test.

“When we got the machine over a year ago, the employees were immediately happy. It didn’t take long until we were able to use the automatic double-clipper for production. A specialist from Poly-clip System supported us during the training period, and after one or two days we had learned what we needed to. That was definitely a good time window.”

Wiedemann can confirm the success of the manufacturer’s concept “the simple before the complex”: “All controls are logically arranged according to functionality. Everything is easy to comprehend, easy to reach and easy to use.” Poly-clip System made a special effort to clearly arrange the controls for product-specific settings. The automatic double-clipper is mechanically and electrically coupled with a filling machine. The portions are accurate to the gram and closed and clipped either to individual sausages or sausage chains. FCA 80 is controlled by a controller board and driven by a servo frequency converter. The clearly arranged control panel includes function keys for knife, loop and label counters and the single clip feature. An electronic hand-wheel assists the operator when making settings or parameter adjustments.

One machine for (almost) everything

“At our company, the FCA 80 covers the full range of sausage production tasks in principle,” explains Wiedemann. “We also have another automatic double-clipper from Poly-clip that we use for small-caliber products. This means that we don’t even take advantage of all the FCA 80’s possibilities, especially when it comes to smaller calibers.” The FCA 80 closes fibrous and collagen casings in the caliber range of 38 to 120 mm and in addition, plastic casings to a caliber of 160 mm. “It is remarkable how quickly we can change the machine to process a different casing caliber,” says a satisfied Wiedemann.

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