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Munich’s Hofbräuhaus is legendary for its beer, but its traditional sausage salad and other typical regional products are equally famous. Satisfying the large appetites of the numerous guests with the highest-quality meals is a daily challenge for the restaurant. For some months now, food has been prepared in the new, larger production site in Brunnthal. In use among others: a fully automatic Bizerba Scaleroline A 550 cutting machine.

The Hofbräuhaus is just as much a part of ­Munich as beer or white sausage. Since the early nineteenth century, the famous beer cellar in the heart of the city has been a magnet for Munich residents and travelers from everywhere in the world. The tasty beer and ­traditional specialties have made the beer palace on “Platzl” square one of the most famous beer cellars anywhere. Every day, over 4,000 meals are served to hungry visitors. To provide such huge quantities of roast beef and other roasted meats as well as the traditional sausage salad, the preparation of these dishes is very important for the Hofbräuhaus kitchen. Since the beginning of this year, a new production site in Brunnthal has been responsible for this. Here is where the fully ­automatic Bizerba Scaleroline A 550 cutting machine comes into play.

Earlier, food was cooked in the cellar of the Hofbräuhaus itself. This kitchen had only 300 m2 of space, remembers Robert Koller, production manager at the Hofbräuhaus. “In the new building, which we moved into in December 2012, we have much more space: A patisserie, butcher shop, bakery and large kitchen are united under one roof; our available space is 2,000 m2. Altogether, 30 people per shift prepare the 4,000 meals that must be punctually delivered with trucks and refrigerated vehicles to the Hofbräuhaus, which is circa 20 km away.”

In the production area, Koller explains that everything depends on a fully automatic cutting machine: “Every day, we must cut large amounts of meats and sausages – for our traditional sausage salad, for example. Because this is impossible to do by hand, we started looking around for a new, professional and fully automatic cutting machine when we were getting ready to move. Among others, we also tested the Bizerba Scaleroline A 550.”

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