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Disinfection with cold aerosols

A fast, safe and long-lasting preventive cold aerosol procedure - like that offered by Vallovapor GmbH (Berlin, Germany) - effectively sterilizes both the air and surfaces in production areas, even in places where mechanical cleaning does not suffice, or only inadequately (cable carriers, cracks, bottoms of machines). During the aerosol process, a special device sprays the finest aerosol in the air - so fine, that no dampness or humidity develops, but only a fine fog with the sterilization agent. This fog covers all surfaces, including ceilings, walls, devices, ventilation pipes and channels, air conditioners or heat exchangers. According to Managing Director Martin Urbanek, this method covers 100 percent of everything in the room because the fog does not immediately sink but remains in the room.

Treating a room takes between fifteen minutes and half an hour. Subsequently, the aerosol remains in the room for one to two hours. After this, the area can be normally used. With the ValloFog disinfectant (a polymer electrolyte), a very thin, invisible film remains on all surfaces. This effect is desired because the film creates a germ-free surface. Mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that come into contact with the film die. This ensures long-lasting results. Only surfaces that come into direct contact with foods must be rinsed with warm water after treatment. The film remains on all other surfaces such as pipes, air conditioners or device surfaces.

If desired, weak points in a meat company’s hygiene or lasting solutions can also be provided based on testing, documentation and lab evaluations.

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