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Devilishly spicy this fall

Whether on sheets or rolls, the Sun Spice spice transfer products from SPM (Karlsruhe, Germany) are the solution for every decorative application, including traditional sausages as well as vegetarian and vegan products. In addition, all Sun Spice products are annually Halal-certified.

New this fall is the devilishly spicy Cayenne Pepper Sun Spice, which proves its explosiveness particularly in salami, but is also suitable for other products such as raw or cured ham.

The company’s new range also includes the aromatic Chili-Pepper Mix Sun Spice, which lends chicken and turkey products an attractive look as well as a well-rounded, highly spicy flavor. This fall trio is completed by the new Juniper Sun Spice. This blend has an intense juniper note rounded off with a touch of coriander, making it perfect for traditional pork products.

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