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Deliciously seasoned and marinated

Good meat is always the basis of a fine product, but only professional processing and fine seasonings make it something special. Whether as an addition to sausage meat, a marinade or as a sauce for a hearty plate of grilled meat – the range of seasonings in modern butcher shops cover all stages of production and enjoyment.

For raw sausages, the desired combination of spices can be combined with starter and protective cultures that also create the best mold coating for salamis. In the ham sector, spraying agents with different flavors are available. The spectrum of these varieties ranges from chili to mace to honey.

Meat cuts such as steaks and goulash can be easily refined with marinades and seasoning oils to create convenience products for the counter or lunch menu. With Mediterranean, exotic or red wine notes, they also offer the opportunity to tap into new customer groups – for example, via campaigns dedicated to cuisine-specific specialties.

Just as diverse are the varied spiced salts for meat, fish and poultry as well as for sautéed or grilled vegetables, featuring flavors ranging from cumin to lemon. Butcher shops can round off their offerings with additional assortments of seasoning sauces (in flavors from BBQ to garlic), which customers can keep ready for guests at their own barbecue parties.

The products butchers stock up on, either for production or for shop sales, also depend on their personnel, for example, if they have the staff who can make sauces themselves. Also important is to know the additives in a product because some of these must be declared and may be allergenic.

In this article, Die Fleischerei presents the product ranges and innovations of well-known spice manufacturers.

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