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Seasoning salts give meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables a sophisticated variety of flavors. Hagesüd (Hemmingen, Germany) now offers three new variants. The new Honey BBQ oG + oA SteakArt seasoning salt, with paprika, pepper, honey and onion, is especially good for pork chops and spareribs, the typical Southern state grill specialties. SteakArt Lemon Pepper oG + oA gives poultry, fish and vegetables a special touch. The coarse-grained SteakArt Rough Spice, with its pepper, onion and paprika, refines beef steaks and high-quality BBQ specialties – especially dry-aged beef.

All three seasoning salts are available in a practical 100-gram (Lemon Pepper in 120 g) shaker. This allows good dosing and precise distribution of the seasoning salt over the food. The SteakArt assortment contains no monosodium glutamate or allergens.

A new product in the company’s assortment is the Magic Dust oG spice salt. It has notes of paprika, pepper, garlic, cumin and chili and is suitable for grilled specialties and meat dishes of all types. Hagesüd’s existing meat seasoning assortment is extensive. It includes seasonings with and without salt as well as seasonings with encapsulated salt for a constant, attractive appearance at the counter, because the meat loses no juice.

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