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Deadly for germs, not employees

The ULE2000 circulating air disinfection unit from Sterilsystems (Mau­terndorf, Austria) has been developed to disinfect rooms where people congregate and where there may be difficult ambient conditions and high levels of contamination.

Due to complete shielding of the UV-C radiation within the unit, the ULE2000 circulating air disinfection unit is harmless for employees and at the same time unfolds its efficient disinfection effect for perfect air ­hygiene.

The room air is drawn into the unit by the integrated and quietly running axial fan. All microorganisms and germs caught in this airflow, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts and  mold spores, are exposed to UV-C radiation at a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nanometers. This kills 99.999 percent of them and ensures the ­successive disinfection of the room air.

The acid- and alkali-resistant stainless-steel housing meets the high hygiene requirements. The room air-flow rate is 500 cubic meters per hour. According to the manufacturer, the high-power UV-C lamps guarantee constant disinfection performance, even during continuous operation. High-quality materials and workmanship enable users to use the system economically while ensuring a long service life.

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