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Cut, not crushed

Bizerba (Balingen, Germany) offers flexible helpers for the meat processing industry in the form of its ­Carneoline meat grinders.

The FW-N 32/98, in a standing or table model, can process 1,100 kg hourly. The ­FW-N 32/82 as well as the more compact FW-N 22/88 are used both in larger meat processing, food service and catering operations as well as in food retailing. Both meat grinders are optionally available with the Enterprise or Unger system and suitable for cutting meat, offal, bacon and vegetables, both raw and cooked. Due to the special cutting technology and flush production (low clearance between the screw and the screw housing), the meat is not crushed but finely cut. This leads to higher oxygen enrichment, which keeps the meat red longer.

The grinder housing, screw, screw housing and coupling nut consist of high-quality stainless steel that can be easily cleaned, making them durable. The meat grinder is easy to operate. With a large, hopper-shaped filling tray, the meat juices can quickly drain. The compact Bizerba Carneoline FW-N 22/88 has an hourly throughput capacity of 350 kg. Its compact construction makes the meat grinder especially suitable for set-up in sales rooms or refrigerated display cases. The filling trays are available with 8.5 l or 13.5 l volumes.

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